• stormy
  • Name: Stormy
  • Adopted: September 15, 2011

Stormy was found in Chicago, abandoned near a busy expressway. Now we’re happy to report that he’s safely in a loving home—and helping to make it even safer! Here’s an update from his foster mom:

“Last night had a scary incident at my house. Someone tried to break into my house and thanks to Stormy whoever it was got scared and left! It was like 3 am and all of a sudden I heard Stormy start growling then barking. And you know him, he is the sweetest thing ever and I have never heard him sound that vicious before. Then my other rott joined in ans Stormy jumped off the bed and guarded the room where the person was trying to get in, and wouldn’t let me pass until he felt it was safe for me!! So just wanted to say thank you for rescuing Stormy cuz he prolly saved my life. Thought you would like to know.”